Know Me Project

This web page is designed to outline and bring awareness to the progress we are making with the Know Me project. 

Know Me

  • At Charlotte, we strive to create a personal experience by providing opportunities for every member of our community to get to know each other better.
  • There are several initiatives, but one is offering students, faculty, and staff the option to provide their “chosen/preferred first name” and personal pronouns that can be used in emails, classroom settings, reports, and everyday conversation. Essentially, we should recognize and communicate with each other as a family should.
  • The Know Me Project also aligns with the Charlotte Model developed to model student success.  "Students build a strong and secure sense of their membership in the Charlotte community. They engage with peers, staff, and faculty to develop confidence in themselves and trust that Charlotte has their best interests in mind".


  • A cross-divisional task force1 has been focusing on prioritizing these personalization initiatives.
  • Phase 1 of the project began on July 1, 2019, as Charlotte began providing the option of inputting a chosen/preferred first name (PFN) in several systems across campus.
    • You should expect to interact with many systems and reports across campus, beginning to utilize chosen/preferred first name.
    • As you can imagine, it will take time to update all systems on campus and there could be inconsistencies when one system is updated prior to another system. 
    • The phase 1 primary objective was met in November 2019, but system & report usage plans are ongoing.
  • Phase 2 focused on allowing students, faculty, and staff to update their personal pronouns and gender identity.
    • The phase 2 objective was met in December 2021.
  • Future phases will include using photos, chosen/preferred first names, and personal pronouns on class rosters and advisor/grade reports.

System updates

  • As systems are updated to include chosen/preferred first names, we will post them here.
  • Other system updates, including pictures, accent marks, personal pronouns, gender, name suffixes, etc., will be posted here.

Your help is appreciated

  • In alignment with Charlotte’s vision and values, this change aims to personalize the experience of every student, faculty, and staff member on campus. This addresses a need for our transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming students, faculty, staff, and members of the university's international community.
  • We appreciate your effort in using chosen/preferred first name when addressing students and colleagues in the Niner Nation community. We are all Niners!


1Task Force Representation: Academic Diversity & Inclusion; Advancement; Auxiliary Services; Center for Teaching & Learning; Dean of Students; Enrollment Communications; Faculty; Graduate School; Housing & Residence Life; Human Resources; Identity, Equity, and Engagement; Institutional Research; Legal Affairs; LGBTQ+ Staff & Faculty Caucus; OneIT; Public Relations; Registrar; Student Affairs, Student Union; Title IX; Undergraduate Admissions; and Undergraduate Education