Graduation Timeline and Information

Spring 2024 Graduation Timeline and Information

January 9
February 13
March 12
April 9
May 14

Graduation Services emails preclearance reports to academic departments to review students with an audit percentage less than 98% or equal to 99%

(2nd Tuesday of Each Month)

May 13 (noon)

Grades due

May 15 – July 9

Initial awarding for students with audits at 100%.

June 17

Final degree preclearance reports to academic departments for students less than 100%.  Associate Deans and Chairs will be notified as well.

At this time, GS will need a response from the academic departments for each student on their preclearance report. Please indicate:

•If the student should be denied graduation, OR
•If other resolutions may apply, such as sub/waivers, transfer credit, credit by exams or incomplete grades.

June 18

Graduation Services will send an email out to the students whose audits are not at 100% and recommend consultation with their advisors. This gives students time to register for Summer (Second Half Term) 2024 before the add/drop date July 8).

July 5

Must have approved grades for incompletes, education abroad, and official transcripts for Transient Study.

July 9

Census Date for Summer 2024 – deny Spring 2024 graduation to remaining students with audits not equal to 100%.

Graduation Preclearance Report Instructions

  • Graduation Preclearance Reports are sent via email on the second Tuesday of each month.
  • This report may be run on demand via Report Central, under the DegreeWorks tab.
  • If a substitution or waiver is needed, please submit it as soon as possible by Academic Petition.
  • Encourage students to update their graduation application to a future term if they are not on track for graduation in the current term.
    • 98%-Students are on track, pending registered courses.
    • 99%-Students are either short overall or major/minor hours, below a 2.0 overall or major/minor GPA, have not met the residency requirement, or have incomplete grades.
    • Less than 98%-Students are missing a requirement, please check the following areas: general education, college, major, minor, concentration or University honors.
  • Email with any questions or to request individuals added or removed from these monthly reports.
Graduate Students
Graduation Clearance instructions for graduate students is at this link.