DegreeWorks is a degree audit tool that allows students and their advisors to view progress toward a degree based on the catalog year of a degree, major, concentration, or minor.   It is available to graduate students and undergraduate students.

About DegreeWorks

  • DegreeWorks is an online tool that the University uses to determine if students have met the requirements for graduation. It can be used to see program requirements and track degree progress.

  • DegreeWorks also provides:

    • What-If Audit to show how a change of major, minor, concentration or catalog year could impact degree progress

    • Future Classes feature to see if a requirement could be fulfilled 

    • GPA Calculator to see what is needed to achieve a desired GPA

Degree Plans

During the Spring 2022 term, we will be piloting a digital Degree Planning tool that is a feature of Degree Works. All advisors will see a Plans tab at the top of the Degree Works audit. However, this has not been turned on for all students. We are limiting the Plans tab to only specific undergraduate students targeted for the pilot.

A select group of advisors will be participating in the pilot. Additional advisors are welcome to explore the features within the new planning tool but are not expected to participate in using the planner for this term. We will be offering training sessions for advisors participating in the pilot before we launch the planning to participating students. 

 Please refer all questions related to the planner to LeeFredrick Bowen, Director for Academic Systems or Gary Martinez, Advising Systems Administrator,

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