About Us

Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide exceptional tools, resources, and customer service to empower the campus community in pursuit of academic excellence.

Mission Statement

The Office of the Registrar shall maintain and safeguard the integrity, accuracy, and privacy of the official academic records for all students. In addition, we ensure compliance with all federal, state, and University regulations and policies. By working as a cohesive team within the Office and the Division of Enrollment Management, we strive to provide the highest level of service to all constituencies, both within and outside the University.

Diversity Statement

The Office of the Registrar assists the campus community in its support and dedication towards graduating a student body that reflects the diversity of our community and strengthens the educational experience. Furthermore, we believe that fostering an atmosphere that understands the importance of equity, integrity, and multiculturalism among our staff, is essential to emphasizing our commitment to creating an effective culture of diversity in the workplace–a workplace where we rally our different backgrounds and experiences to provide the best possible answers and solutions, contributing to the success in supporting and elevating our students with respect to all race, cultural, sex, gender identity, and socioeconomic backgrounds.