Prerequisites Enforced

Students should review course requirements prior to registering for a course. The Office of the Registrar reviews prerequisites prior to the start of the term.

Students who registered for a course but don’t meet the prerequisites will be dropped from that course.

When a class is dropped, it is immediate and final.

  • The vacated seat in the class(es) will not be held and the seats will be available immediately to other registering students.
  • The registration system will prevent students from re-registering into these dropped courses for unmet prerequisites.

Why was the student originally allowed to register for the course?

  • When the student originally registered for the course, the registration system assumed the in-progress courses would be successfully completed, and that the student would stay in the major that they were in when they registered.
  • Registration is reviewed prior to the start of the semester and any changes (i.e., not passing a prerequisite course, changing major) may have affected eligibility for the registered course.

Requests for Prerequisite Overrides

  • Niner Central and the Office of the Registrar do not manage course requirements and therefore cannot authorize prerequisite overrides, nor provide prerequisite information/changes.
  • Students with questions about course prerequisites are encouraged to contact the department offering that particular course/section.