Effective for Spring 2025 schedule building, general classrooms will be assigned based on:

When it comes to department location, we will utilize a neighborhood approach. Based on the parameters above, every effort will be made to find the closest location to the respective academic department. The following example will outline how this will occur. Each course subject has its own building set prioritization. Note: our website nor Google Drive displays pivot tables very well, so we are happy to produce these results upon request.

History (HIST) Course

  • 1st building set (Fretwell, Macy, Denny)
  • 2nd building set (Burson, Cameron, Colvard, Friday, McEniry, Robinson, Rowe, Smith, Storrs)
  • 3rd building set (Mebane, CHHS, Gymnasium, Woodward)
  • 4th building set (Duke, Grigg)